Fake Android Market Security tool

Google recently published its Android Market Security Tool in order to remove all malicious applications infected with the DroidDream malware. Affected users will see a notification on their smartphone that the tool has been installed. More info about this from Google is here.

After a few days a malicious version of the tool appeared on alternative Chinese application markets. The Trojanized version of the tool includes functionality to send SMS messages when the device boots up. The visual difference between the fake and the real Android Market tool is while the original tool only requires few permissions, the Trojanized version requires additional permissions for “Services that cost you money” as well as the device location. Here is a screenshot of the fake tool:

This fake tool does not affect Android Market but is available on Chinese app markets.

We recommend STOPzilla Mobile Security to help you remove this infection. Please click here to download. If you have any additional questions please feel free to call 1-855-969-0790.

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