Emerging Mobile Threats

With the increase in popularity of smartphones and tablets, threats for mobile platforms are increasing as well. Particularly among these are the Symbian, RIM Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Android. There are hardly any malware for iOS except for some data leakage apps and for jail broken iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. Android platform ranks number one for mobile threats and is continuing to rise. Majority of the malware are Trojanized apps and game apps. Cyber-criminals can also use smartphone attacks as a way to hijack data on the network. According to Symantec’s threat report, attackers use control of compromised smart phones to access data on enterprise networks to which they were connected.

NQ Mobile Inc., a leading global provider of mobile Internet services focusing on security, privacy and productivity, developed a new “RiskRanker” system that will proactively seek out and identify risky apps in the marketplace even before they are downloaded to mobile devices. Complete story here. You can find more in-depth information about this system from the scientist who developed this system here:

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