How to Remove Windows Anti-Malware Patch Rogue


Windows Anti-Malware Patch

4 Comments to "How to Remove Windows Anti-Malware Patch Rogue"

  1. Thanks for your help. I tried the instructions but ended up reinstalling Windows instead. Properaly should have paid to have it removed. Took 6 hours to reinstall all my software 🙁

  2. This is ridiculous! I’ve already spent 3 hours trying to fix my pc. Do you guys have a hotline to call to help?

    • You can either download and install Stopzilla AVM which will take care of the rogue infection or you can call our customer support hot line at 1-800-847-3650.

  3. Came here after trying to watch a couple of youtube videos with instructions on how to get rid of this rogue. These instructions actually did the trick. Instaleled their stopzilla program. Worked like a charm.

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