Rogue Virus Names

Below is the complete list of rogue security software names. This list is constantly updated.


007 Anti-Spyware; 1stAntiVirus; 2008-AntiSpyware; 2008-AntiVirus; 2008-Virus-Protection; 2009-AntiSpyware; 2AntiSpyware


A-A-V-2008; A-Fast Antivirus; AB System Spy; Abacre Antivirus; AccessDeniedXp; Activate MS Antimalware; Activate Ultimate Protection; Active-scanner; Active Antivar; Active Antivir; Active Pro Security 2011; Active Pro Security Antivirus; Active Security; ActiveSecurity; ActStop; Ad-Eliminator; Ad-Protect; Ad-WareFREE; Ad Armor; AdDestroyer; Additional Guard; AddwareRemover; Addwere; Adio Registry Optimizer; AdProtect; AdSafer; Advanced Antispyware Solution; Advanced Antivirus; Advanced Antivirus 2008; Advanced Antivirus Remover; Advanced Antivirus Remover 2009; Advanced Cleaner; Advanced Defender; Advanced Defrag; Advanced PC Scanner; Advanced PC Shield; Advanced PC Shield 2012; Advanced PC Tweaker; Advanced Security Tool 2010; Advanced Spyware Detector; Advanced Virus Protection; Advanced Virus Removal; Advanced Virus Remover; Advanced XP Defender; Advanced XP Fixer; AdvancedAntispywareSolution; AdvancedAntivirus; AdvancedAntivirus 2008; AdvancedAntivirus 2009; AdvancedCleaner; AdvancedPCShield2012; AdvancedProdscan; AdvancedVirusRemover; AdvancedXPDefender; AdvancedXPFixer; Adware Delete 2.0; Adware Deluxe; Adware Eradicator; AdWare Pro; Adware Professional; Adware Professional 2009; Adware Professional 2010; Adware Remover; Adware SE Personal; Adware.Hotbar; AdWareALERT; AdwareAlert2008; AdwareBot; AdwareDelete; AdwareDeluxe; AdWarePro; AdwarePunisher; AdwareRemover; AdwareRemover2007; AdwareSheriff; AdwareSpy; AKM Antivirus 2010 Pro; AlertSpy; Alfa Defender; Alfa Defender Pro; AlfaAntivirus; AlfaCleaner; All-Spy Keylogger 4.3; All-Spy Print; All-Spy Web; Alpha Antivirus; AlphaAntivirus; AlphaAV; AlphaCleaner; AlphaWipe; AML Free Registry Cleaner; Andromeda Antivirus; ANG Antivirus; ANG Antivirus 09; Anit-Virus Scanner; Anti-Malware Lab; Anti-spyware Blocker; Anti-virus-1; Anti-Virus 2011; Anti-Virus Elite; Anti-Virus Number-1; Anti-Virus Pro 2009; Anti-Virus Professional; Anti Adware Pro; Anti Crash Assistant; AntiAdd; AntiAdware System Scanner; AntiAID; Anticare; AntiKeep; Antimalware; Antimalware 2009; Antimalware Defender; Antimalware Doctor; AntiMalware GO; AntiMalware Guard; Antimalware PC Safety; AntiMalware Pro; Antimalware Suite; AntiMalware Tool; AntiMalware2009; AntiMalwareGuard; AntiMalwarePCSafety; AntiMalwarePro; AntiMalwareShield; Antispy 2008; AntiSpy 2011; Antispy Knight; Antispy Protector 2009; AntiSpy Safeguard; AntiSpyBoss; AntiSpyCheck; AntiSpyCheck 2.1; Antispycheck 2.1.0; AntiSpyControl; AntiSpyGolden; AntiSpyGuard; AntiSpyKit; AntiSpyKnight; AntiSpyMaster; AntiSpyPro; AntiSpyShield; AntiSpySoldier; AntispySpider; AntiSpyStorm; AntiSpyStorm2008; Antispyware-free-scanner; Antispyware 2008; Antispyware 2008XP; AntiSpyware 2009; Antispyware 2010; Antispyware 2011; Antispyware 3000; AntiSpyware Bot; Antispyware Downloads; AntiSpyware Expert; Antispyware Plus; AntiSpyware Pro 2009; Antispyware Pro 2012; AntiSpyware Professional Spyware Cleaner; Antispyware Protector; AntiSpyware Shield; Antispyware Shield Pro; AntiSpyware Soft; Antispyware Soldier; AntiSpyware Webscanner; AntiSpyware XP; Antispyware2008; Antispyware2008XP; Antispyware2009; AntiSpywareApp; AntiSpywareBot; AntiSpywareControl; AntispywareDeluxe; AntispywareExpert; AntiSpywareGuard; AntiSpywareMaster; AntispywareProXP; AntiSpywareShield; AntispywareSoftBasic; AntispywareSoldier; AntiSpywareSuite; AntiSpywareUpdates; AntispywareVista; AntispywareWin7; AntispywareXP; AntispywareXP 2009; AntiSpywareXP2009; AntiSpyZone; AntiToolbar; AntiTroy; AntiVermeans; AntiVermins; AntiVerminser; Antivir 2010; Antivir gear; Antivir rogue; Antivir Solution; Antivir Solution Pro; Antivir System Pro; Antivir XPA; Antivir64; AntiVira AV; AntiviraAV Demo; Antivirgear; AntiVirGear 3.7; AntiVirGear 3.8; Antivirii 2011; AntiVirProtect; Antivirse 2009; AntivirSolutionPro; Antivirus; Antivirus’09; Antivirus-08; Antivirus-09; AntiVirus-1; Antivirus-2007; Antivirus-2008; Antivirus-2008-review; Antivirus-2008-XP; Antivirus-advisor; Antivirus-alert; Antivirus-authority; Antivirus-center; Antivirus-centre; antivirus-doktor v04; Antivirus-fullscan; Antivirus-scanner; AntiVirus & Security; Antivirus (AnVi); AntiVirus +; Antivirus 2008; Antivirus 2008 Pro; AntiVirus 2008 XP; Antivirus 2009; Antivirus 2009 Plus; Antivirus 2010; Antivirus 2010 RTK; Antivirus 2010 Security Center; Antivirus 2011 Edition limit